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Cigar factories have several rooms where the tobacco is sweat in stages and I was blown away by the men who worked them with no masks or breathing protection.Upon entering, the average person is overcome by the fumes and it’s not the kind of place you’d choose to spend your day – let alone a good 20 seconds.This isn’t just a job, but rather an art form dating back hundreds of years.It can take several years and thousands of cigars later until a torcedor is considered an accomplished roller, a position that comes with distinct honor and high praise.My tobacco-laden cherry was busted wide open as I was subjected to literally every single aspect of the cigar making process – and after one week, I was truly a changed man.

I can say without a doubt that it was one of the most fascinating, educational, fun, and truly memorable experiences of my life.

But to the people whose lives are spent toiling with tobacco and laboring with the leaves, it is not only a vocation, but an art form that is a part of their heritage – it is in their blood.

I was truly fortunate to experience several days at the famed Villazon factory in Cofradia, Honduras (in 2008), a legendary factory that produced such lauded brands as Punch, Excalibur, and Hoyo de Monterrey. So, here’s the gist of it all as I lay it on the line…

then it’s off to the factory where the leaves are washed and sorted into various grades and colors…

if you’re lucky (he says with a smirk) you’ll enter the sweating rooms where you’ll spend no more than 15 seconds until falling to your knees and gasping for oxygen as the ammonia being sweat from the leaf scorches your throat and lungs.

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