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Admittedly with Fry it's not always easy to get through all the intellectual pretentiousness and discuss whatever he might be saying with detachment, but I would have thought that the preceding paragraph would put him firmly in the asexual camp, as might quotes such as these: I would be greatly in the debt of the man who could tell me what could ever be appealing about those damp, dark, foul-smelling and revoltingly tufted areas of the body that constitute the main dishes in the banquet of love.It's probably easier to come out as a member of a satanic abuse ritual than to come out as celibate.As you noted, Fry's quasi-autobiographical novel as well as his own actual autobiography have made it clear that he's not emotionally or physically indifferent to sex, and has had quite a lot of sexual experience over various stages of his life, almost all of it with other males. ) from sex, and his satirical remarks in that article about the aesthetic shortcomings of sex (somewhat undercut, if you recall, by the article's closing sentence, "Besides, I'm scared that I may not be very good at it"), do not IMHO equate to an actual orientation towards asexuality.Tim Gunn has, IIRC, come out as something like post-sexual.I'm not sure why a celebrity would actually "come out" as an asexual. Garofalo was to deflate the rumors that she was bisexual.I do remember, Patrick Mac Nee (John Steed from The Avengers tv series) claiming to have been celibate for a decade or so.if, once again, my memory is recording the facts at all well after an interval of twenty-odd years. But if it colours your view of sexuality so thoroughly that you can't imagine wanting to do it, then that probably qualifies you as asexual; which was the topic under discussion, and not whether or not Fry had grounds for feeling that way or was in any way original.

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I thought it was a pretty odd topic bring up on a talk show.He had his heart broken in the early 80s and hasn't been in a relationship since.I'm not sure he's been too explicit, but I believe he implied that he's been celibate in that time.People seem to think that there's something wrong with you if you don't indulge in these frothy, squelchy activities. The lewd act was being intoxicated around a minor to be specific. She was arrested for driving while intoxicated with her adopted/foster children in the car, and was convicted.Around the same time, she was also accused by her foster daughter of sexual abuse, but the accusation wasn't credible (or possibly recanted), and all charges were dropped.

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