Speed dating bronx

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This event is for single professionals from the NJ/Fort Lee area.

After every “date,” you write down that person’s name on the card and rank them based on how likely you’d be to date them again.

(Not speaking from personal experience or anything.) Or, how many times have you fallen for someone’s personality in real life, but known that if you saw their photo on Tinder you’d definitely, brutally, swipe left?

With speed dating, you’re getting snapshots-in-the-flesh of actual humans, along with everything about their personality that accounts for that little thing we all so desperately need in order for a relationship to work (again, chemistry).

The majority of the daters at speed dating were new to the city, which makes sense -- you’re overwhelmed by the amount of people, you feel a little lost, and you want to meet someone easily.

It’s hard to imagine longtime New Yorkers signing up for speed dating, but maybe the transplants have the right idea.

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