Your dating a loser

If the boasting and showing off continues into the relationship then you’re looking at a huge red flag telling you that Mr Peacock needs to be plucked out of your life. Mr Gigolo Mr Gigolo often doesn’t feel the need to hide the fact that he’s a player who is out to get as many notches on his bedpost as he can. He is good looking and full of clichéd compliments but he also likes to party hard with his male friends as they make bets on his success with women.

He complains that his past girlfriends were too uptight, too controlling or wanted too much from the relationship.

His showing off is often the result of being brought up in either a deprived or abundant household.

Like his namesake, Mr Peacock struts around on display for all to see lacking modesty and humility.

He needs to be in a stable relationship in order to feel the thrill of cheating.

There is a lot of innuendo and sexual banter early on in his conversation however this man is not crude and comes across as charming and funny as he draws you in further and further into his web.

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